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Programme - Spring 2021

UniFitness Aalborg has a continuous focus on having team training that accommodates the needs and wishes of its members.
The booking system uses a point system, which is explained in the FAQ.


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Calender for teams.

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Swimming - Free form

It is possible to go swimming in Gigantium free of charge every Thursday 18.00 - 19.30.

The team is free-swimming, which means that one can make use of various facilities in Gigantium.

You have to book the class, because there are only room for 10 members in each class. So if you did not book in time you cannot attend unfortunately. You cannot book further than a week before the team takes place. Furthermore you have to cancel the team at least 24 hours before the team takes place.

You can book your team in the link below (when you enter the link, you have to click on "5) Gigantium" on the left side of the page).

NB.: We meet five minutes before class start at the sales desk in Gigantium.





UniFitness has a broad variation of team classes, which all are free, if you are a member. It is everything from karate to calm yoga  to sweating XFit!

Indoor Cycling

The cycling team is for everyone, both the beginner and the experienced. We do cardio training in intervals of varying intensity, using different forms of cycling. With integrated sprints, uphill and downhill drives, exciting games, lots of good music, and humor, we are guaranteed a high calory burn. So be sure to come join us if you feel like trying something fun and a little hard, as well as train your legs, buttocks, thighs and especially your heart. We are open to any special wishes concerning games, music, etc., so if you have any just send us a mail and we will look into it.

Regarding what to wear when spinning, we recommend cycling shorts, as short, loose shorts may rub against the skin in an irritating way, as well as loose trousers may get caught up in the bike. A t-shirt will do for the upper part of the body, we do however recommend it to be in a sweat transporting material, as cotton offen becomes damp and clammy relatively fast. Your socks can be regular tennis socks, though thin socks may feel more comfortable in the cycling shoe.

The bikes used have both SPD- and LOOK- pedal systems.In addition, clips can be mounted so that you can use your regular training shoes. Cycling shoes are favoured, especially for certain excersises, and if you do not own a pair yourself, you can borrow a pair from us. The shoes we have are using red LOOK clamps, with a few degrees  of freedom to each side, so that your feet can adjust a little during training.

Remember to show up in a good mood as well as with a towel and plenty of water.

We look forward to seeing you!




Fitness Boxing is a form for cardio training. It is a dynamic form of training, with a basis in boxing but without sparring. The team is two hours long, which includes elongation. You will be introduced to the most frequently used strength and cardio exercises in boxing. We will be using, skipping rope, punching bags, jab pads, medicin balls and boxing gloves. In addition to toning your body, Fitness Boxing also aims to improve your fitness and strengthen your body, as well as improve your eye-hand coordination and body awareness. A maximum calory burn and an improved mood is guaranteed.

The training session starts with a soft warm-up of all the muscles and joints of the body. The warm-up is followed by some cardiotraining, where we raise the pulse using skipping rope, dumbbells and medicin balls. After that we use jab and kick pads as well as sandbags, while we make sure you learn the right technique and become familiar with the exercises. We finish with interval training to some pumping music, to test our physical fitness, strength and endurance.


Everybody can participate, no matter their physical fitness, age and height. Also, it is important to underline that you need no previous experience with martial arts, as the techniques used will be thoroughly explained. In relation to your clothing, a pair of jogging trousers and a t-shirt is more than fine for participating and we have all the other necessary equipment. However, we do recomend that you after a couple of training sessions obtain some hand wraps. If you don't have any, you can buy a pair from us for 80DKK, which are both allergy friendly and in just the right length.

Remember: Bring a filled water bottle and be sure to drink both before, under, and after training - In addition you should try avoiding eating any big meals just before training.


KARATE is for everybody and consist of pure training.

There are a lot of different forms, within karate. In UniFitness, we follow the Wado Ryu style (=The way to the Harmonic Style). We use technics that strengthens the individual parts of the body, but also strenghtens the parts we use as a "weapon". No previous experience in neither karate or any other martial art is required. Everyone can participate. If you have practiced karate before, we do however also train kihon, kata and bunkai. We train in t-shirts, loose trousers and barefooted. Please remember to bring water. In average you burn between 500 and 1.000 Kcal during an hour of karate training.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your instructor Tem Frank Andersen (Ni-dan) at


Weight training class. We will mainly focus on the butt and abs, but we will work all muscle groups. This class is for you, if you want to tone your butt and core, while also gaining strength all over to maintain a healthy body. All levels can participate, as you can adjust the weight to your liking.

Remember water and your power mood!


CrossFit is a dynamic strength and cardio form of training, with constant variations in exercises, a high intensity, and functional movements. A full body workout, with focus on specific muscle groups, that varies from workout to workout. CrossFit differentiates from common strength training through its high intensity and thereby offers both physical fitness and endurance in addition to strength.

For the exercises we use kettlebells, medicin balls, barbells, etc. in functional movements, which secures training of the muscle in focus as well as the support/balance muscles around it. CrossFit is suitable for all with a wish for building up muscle, fitness, and endurance effectively. It is however not as well suited for rehabilitation because of its high intensity.

AAU PowerPulse

AAU PowerPulse is training with a combination of strength, fitness and flexibility training. The training has a high intensity and a mix of different functional exercises, that will make sure that you can work through the whole body in just an hour. The trainings will often contain a warm up, a workout – which can be an AMRAP, Tabata or classic circuit training. The last part will be a flexibility and cool down session. This class is for all those who want to improve their fitness and a stronger and more flexible body. Remember to bring water and a good mood! See you for a sweaty class!


The step fitness class is a rhythmic cardio workout and is build up so that both beginners and experts can participate and have fun. The class duration is 60 minutes.

During the first five minutes we greet and warm up together. The warm-up consists of many repetitions of some basic steps that we will use in the following blocks.

After the warm-up, we turn to the main choreography. It consists of 3 blocks that will be gathered in one choreography at the final.

One block consists of 4 times 8 steps that follow the beat of the music, don’t worry if it sounds technical! If it is challenging to count these steps, the instructor will guide you  [smiley]  After the 4 times 8 steps, these will be repeated on the other foot, again the instructor will guide you through this. The block is build up through a basic version of the block, this means that each of the three blocks will have a ”basic version” and an ”advanced version”, through the class we will work from the basic version towards the advanced version and practise the advanced version a couple of times.

The other two blocks follow the same setup.

After we have build up the three blocks from basic to the advanced version, and it has been practised a bit, there will be a finale. In the finale the three advanced blocks will be put together as one large choreography. If this goes well, we might try it all with a faster beat.

Through the class the instructor can walk around and help if needed. The same choreography will be used for some time at several step classes, so that you will get a chance to excel the advanced choreography. Once a month one of the single blocks will be switched out for a new one, to keep the class a bit challenging.