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Frequently asked questions

What does it cost to become a member of unifitness?

The cost is 98 DKK a month (no registration fee). - Notice that if you sign up i the middle of a month you will have to pay 2 DKK per day until the month is over. Furthermore you will have to pay for the following month. Example:

A member signs up 24th of March. The member would have to pay for the rest 8 days and 98 DKK for the following month. So a total of 114 DKK.

Members prepay for every month.

How do i become a member?

You can sign up online here.

How do I unsubscribe from Unifitness?

Login on Conventus (Member Login) and go to the tab: "Økonomi" > "Oversigt" (Abonnement) > Put the check in "Opsagt".

Can i receive an introduction?

Yes, all new members have the opportunity to get a free introduction as well as a personal training program made by one of our instructors, to secure a good start for your training in UniFitness.
You can book a time for an introduction or personal training program through our booking system. If there is not any available, you can contact one of the personal program planners under 'employees'.


How do i log-in on the booking site?

You use your AAUcard number and the password you received upon signing up. If you forgot your password to can get a new one here.

How do i enter unifitness?

We have a card reader at the entrance to UniFitness. You use your AAUcard and personal pincode, to enter.

i cannot enter, My card does not work.

If your card doesn't work or you got a new AAU-card you need to write an email to: 

Why is the team exercise that i go to no longer available?

Some teams are unfortunately only available in certain periods. This could be teams that depend on the weather. Other teams end because our instructors, who are students at the university, finishes their studies and thereby have to leave us.
The current training schedule is always available in the booking system.

How does the point-system for the team exercise work?

The point-system is made to make sure that all members have access to the popular team exercises.

  • Each user has 3 points.
  • A user can only sign up for a team exercise if he or she has enough points.
  • The most popular team exercises cost two points, while the rest costs only one.
  • When the team exercise is completed, the points are returned to the user's account.
  • If the user do not show up for an exercise they signed up for, they will receive a penalty. The penalty consists of the user's points being withholden for additional 30 days, after the exercise finished.

am i allowed to bring a guest to unifitness?

You have to contact the day to day manager about information on trial sessions or any special circumstances that makes you want to bring a guest to UniFitness.

How many team exercises can I be signed up for?

You can sign up for 5 team exercises at a time. These ressources are freed up again once you complete the given exercise. Swimming is unique in this case, in that you can only sign up for one swim class at a time, but you are still able to sign up for 4 other classes.

for how long am i able to cancel a team exercise that i signed up for?

You can cancel your registration up until 22:00 the day before the exercise. If you do NOT show up for a class that you signed up for, three times within a month, this can lead to an expulsion from UniFitness. However, should you have to cancel for one reason or another, you can contact the instructor and inform him/her about your absence, and it will not be noted as a non-attendence (unless this is abused).

If we haven't been able to answer your question, feel welcome to contact us