About UniFitness

The history of UNIFITNESS

UniFitness opened the 15th of June 2005 as a result of a great work effort. A student and a head librarian got the idea, and got support from both rector, sponsors, and the Student Society at AAU. Other students with pioneering spirits helped with the interior arrangement. Hereby AAU got its first fitness center, for students and employees to use at their leisure. Today there is also established a UniFitness in Campus Søndertranders, Campus Copenhagen, and in the long run one should open in Campus Esbjerg.

Unifitness' vision

  • That every student and employee, regardless of gender and age, can feel welcome in UniFitness
  • The physical framework should invite to a social environment with a broad appeal, so that staying fit becomes a good experience.
  • Expenses should be kept at a minimum, while personal guidance and welcoming facilities stays a high priority.
  • UniFitness is driven by its users. Thereby its members should have influence on the decisions taken herein.