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As a member of UniFitness you have the opportunity to take advantage of a number of offers. Throughout the winter, we offer among other free-swimming once a week.


If you suffer from muscle tension, feel stressed or tense, or simply appreciate wellness, we also offer massage at our center in Campus Aalborg. The massage primarily focuses on back, shoulders, neck, arms, and legs.

The cost is 150 DKK for 45 min and 180 DKK for 60 min, which needs to be payed in cash. In addition, you should bring a blanket and a towel.

For non-members the price is 200 DKK for 45 min and 250 DKK for 60 min.

To make an appointment please contact Søren at:



The team is free-swimming, which means that one can make use of various facilities in Gigantium.

It is a winter offer that is available from October to February, once a week. Free-swimming is an opportunity to get out and swim with others, whether the motivation is injury prevention, training or fun. There will be an instructor present, so those who want feedback on their swimming style allowed to do so.

You have to book the class, because there are only room for 10 members in each class. So if you did not book in time you cannot attend unfortunately. You cannot book further than a week before the team takes place. Furthermore you have to cancel the team at least 24 hours before the team takes place.

You can book your team in the link below (when you enter the link, you have to click on "5) Gigantium" on the left side of the page).

It's free to join and everyone is welcome! We look forward to seeing you.

NB.: We meet five minutes before class start at the sales desk in Gigantium.



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As a member of UniFitness you can sign up for three different team classes at the same time... for free!

UniFitness has a broad varation of team classes. This includes Yoga, Dance-Fit, BootyPump, AAU PowerPulse, Indoor Cycling, XFit, Karate and Fitness-Boxing.


You can read more about each team class here.


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Personal Workout Program

At UniFitness we offer as a part of our price, that you can get a tailormade workout program, which fits exactly your wishes and needs.

Beside the specific program we offer to go through it with you i the gym, so that we know the correct techniques to all the different workout practicies. - in other words: We prepare you for your new workout adventure!

For a personal workout program and/or questions regarding this please contact Mette: